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15 February 2023

Three Days of Good

Listen to Father Pimen Vlad telling a small story with meaning. Let us try to become better. Enjoy! Three Days of Good I will tell you […]
7 July 2022

Questions and Answers: What Is the Holy Mountain, How Are the Feast Days Experienced – Father Pimen Vlad

Watch Father Pimen Vlad answer several questions asked by the channel Romania TV. The questions are general in nature with answers that benefit all of us […]
30 June 2022

Tourist and Spiritual Guide; Miracles – Father Pimen Vlad

What places of pilgrimage, what spiritual objectives could we visit in Greece? Watch Father Pimen who recommends some such places, while also recounting a few miracles […]
12 June 2022

Wonderful Events with the Holy Spirit – Father Theologos

How does the Holy Spirit work? What is the meaning of the Descent of the Holy Spirit? Are there still miracles to this day in which […]
7 June 2022

The Problems of Young People – Father Theologos

As we see today, the problems of young people generate great dramas, dramas that can mark for a lifetime not only the young person who suffers […]
4 June 2022

Three Miracles of the Mother of God: Austria, Toronto, the Holy Mountain

Miracles are not just the great, earth-shattering events that impress us with the supernatural power of God manifested in them. Miracles are also the small, delicate […]
2 June 2022

Our Cell: Painting, Miracles of St. Paraskeva – Father Pimen Vlad

The story about the construction of our cell reaches the time of its painting and of the lovely miracles that Saint Paraskeva worked to put her […]
26 May 2022

Temptations, Trials and Help in the Construction of the Cell – Father Pimen Vlad

Watch Father Pimen who tells us about the various temptations but also about the help of Mr. George Becali in the construction of the cell in […]
24 May 2022

The Athonite Pilgrim’s Guide – Father Theologos

There is a lot of confusion regarding what the Holy Mountain is, how one can come to Athos, and how we should behave in the Garden […]
21 May 2022

Simple & Fine – Interview With Mihai Morar – Part 2

We continue with the 2nd part of our podcast with Mihai Morar in which he tells us what impresses him in others, where we stand as […]
19 May 2022

How Was Our Cell Built? – Father Pimen Vlad

How was the cell “The Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple”, the cell we live in now, built? With what funds? Watch Father Pimen Vlad […]
17 May 2022

How Is Daily Prayer Done in the Holy Mountain? – Father Theologos

Even if we have a lot of worldly things that attract us – or rather distract us – we must not forget even for a moment […]
14 May 2022

Simple & Fine – Father Theologos and Mihai Morar – Part 1

To be very honest, the condition for Mihai to do the “Fine & Simple” podcast with me (with Father Theologos) was that he also agree to […]
12 May 2022

Saint Artemius: The Great Voivode – Father Pimen Vlad

Watch Father Pimen Vlad as he tells us the life of Saint Artemius, commenting on it and offering us some spiritual advice on this occasion. Enjoy! […]
7 May 2022

From Elon Musk to God. Theologos, the Monk From Athos, Former IT Programmer | Fine & Simple 065

Wisdom and humility. This is how Father Theologos – one of the brilliant minds of Romanian Orthodoxy on Mount Athos – can be categorized, who speaks […]
6 May 2022

Maritime Adventures – Father Pimen Vlad

Watch an episode in which Father Pimen tells of his memories at sea – something novel for most of us Romanians, who do not have experience […]
3 May 2022

Reincarnation or Resurrection? – Father Theologos

Asian religious trends are in vogue today in certain social strata. In these religions one of the most dangerous teachings is reincarnation. Watch this video to […]
30 April 2022

A New Saint in the Church. Who Is the Saint? – Father Theologos

A new saint was canonized in the Orthodox Church. What is the path of holiness? Which road must we take to reach our goal, to become […]
28 April 2022

Resurrection and Pain – Father Pimen Vlad

How should we relate to Bright Week? What is the relationship between the pain in our lives and the joy of the resurrection? Watch this video […]
27 April 2022

The Miracles of Athos: The Monk Who “Sees” Through People.  Father Pimen │ Fain & Simple Podcast 063

In Holy Week, Father Pimen, a pillar of humility, speaks with Mihai Morar in the Garden of the Mother of God, a Romanian oasis of faith, […]
26 April 2022

Who Is the First Person to See the Resurrected Lord? – Father Theologos

Who is the first person to see the resurrected Lord? What mysteries are revealed by the so-called “contradictions” between the evangelists relative to the moment of […]
23 April 2022

What Is the Result of the Lord’s Resurrection? What Is Salvation? – Father Theologos

Christ God is risen. What does this mean for us? What did Christ accomplish for mankind? Watch this video to find out. Enjoy! The moment He […]